Umbrella Season

insurance umbrellaSpring has sprung! Time for BBQ’s and the end of hibernation. With Spring comes rain, when it rains what do we need? An umbrella of course!

I would be derelict in what, I feel to be my responsibility, as an Insurance Agent to withhold a piece of vital information. That of course, is the Umbrella Policy. This policy is one of the most important types of risk coverage that is available for the protection of individuals and their families.

The Umbrella is a policy that provides excess liability protection over and above your homeowners and auto policies. For example, let’s say your dog bites the mail man, he is severely injured, the mail man decides to sue you for medical expenses, time missed from work etc. Once you have exhausted the liability protection that is provided on your homeowners policy, the Umbrella policy will pick up and offer additional liability protection if needed. This would of course also apply to your automobiles, boats, motorcycles etc.

Admittedly we live in a society where the law permits frivolous law suits!

The Umbrella coverage that I speak of shields and protects you from the unexpected storms of life! The cost of this coverage is very minimal. One can go so far as to say “you cannot afford to be without an Umbrella Policy”. I promise you will sleep better at night!

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Thank You,

Vanessa Reddy
Personal Lines Department Manager
ISU Breeden Insurance Services
312 W Center St.
Lexington, NC 27292
Direct Line (336) 236-7604
Fax (336) 249-0391

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