Disability Insurance

Accidents occur every day to people from all walks of life and no one is immune. We like to tell ourselves that accidents happen to others, but not us. However, the facts say otherwise.
. The Social Security Administration estimates that slightly more than 25% of 20-year-olds will be disabled before reaching age 67.
. A mere 9 & of long-term disabilities are the result of accidents that are considered “serious”

Many believe that the Social Security administration will cover them financially. This is often an incorrect assumption.
.65% of applicants are turned down by the government
.90% of disabilities are not work related so they are not covered by workers compensation!

About 100 million workers are without private DI insurance, and 69% of private sector workers have no private long-term DI.
What if an accident occurs and you have no Disability Insurance? What if cancer, heart disease, or any other illness gets in the way of your pay check?

Your BIGGEST ASSET is your ability to earn an income!! What’s more expensive….Having to pay for Disability Insurance or incurring a loss that puts you out of work for months without an income??

Be smart and protect yourself and the ones that depend on you!

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